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About Us

Evergreen Payments Northwest provides Hemp CBD Delta 8 and Cannabis Related business owners with industry-specific merchant account and payment solutions for the acceptance of credit and debit card transactions via e-commerce, wholesale, retail, and mobile channels.

One point of contact for all your payment needs

We offer dedicated representation and support, with one point of contact for both merchant account and payment gateway services. We’ll be alongside you from consultation through integration, and ongoing to support the solutions that best suit your unique business model.

Experience, knowledge, and reliability

With 25 years of payment industry experience we offer consultation over sales, and take a pro-active approach to the support we provide.  

About the Founder

I  happened upon the payments industry in 1998... just a few short years before e-commerce and the first online payment technology came into play.  At that time I was telemarketing, programming credit card terminals, processing applications, and acting as a liaison between merchant and processor to provide customer service and technical support. I quickly came to understand the basics and was able to provide more direct and timely support to sales agents and merchants.

When the payment gateway emerged

We were at the forefront of development when the first browser-based payment technology, the “payment gateway,” came online. Our organization was one of the first and few to offer both a merchant account and payment gateway with one point of contact for customer service, technical and integration support. With this model we were able to bridge the knowledge and support gaps customers often experienced in a space with so many moving parts.

This experience gave me crucial opportunities to manage and support hundreds of payment gateway integrations and affiliate relationships with various shopping carts, ecommerce platforms, and niche market software with a need for more efficiency and security through integration of payments.

Throughout the 22 years I have been in the payments industry I've had the opportunity to develop operations in deployment, customer service, technical support, sales, and affiliate programs.  Naturally providing solutions, I migrated into a consultative sales position and on to Director of Internet Sales and a shareholder on the Executive Team of Fast Transact, Inc., where we made the Inc 5000 four years in a row (from 2007-2010)

Pono Payments

In 2009 I moved to Kauai, expanded my family... and started dreaming up my next big adventure.  I utilized my experience managing affiliate programs and launched a community based payment solution to generate donation revenue from existing expenses in the business community and turn them toward local non profit organizations.  

Hemp and CBD Payments

In April of 2019 I became aware of the challenges CBD and Hemp merchants were facing with regard to credit card acceptance. Even though these are federally legal products it's taking some time for various agencies to get on the same page, and for the banks to set clear guidelines for underwriting.  With my many years of experience in payment technology, I shifted and made it my focus to provide the Hemp and Cannabinoid business community with integrated merchant account and payment gateway solutions! The more I learn about the challenges you all face, the better I am able to represent and support you.  I continue to be amazed at the resilience, creativity, and dedication of your community and I'm so glad to support you!

Mandy Winegarner

Payment Solutions Consultant

Evergreen Payments Northwest

Direct 808-673-3446

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