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Merchant Account Pricing (V/MC/AMEX/Discover)

  • 3.95%  Discount Rate

  • $0.30   Per Transaction  

  • $30.00 Monthly Merchant Account

  • $75.00 Application Fee 

 Payment Gateway Pricing 

  • $25.00 Monthly Payment Gateway

  • $0.15   Per Gateway Transaction 

  • $99.00 Payment Gateway License (billed only upon approval)

While Evergreen Payments Northwest seeks to provide a standard cost to all merchants... discount rate, compliance and risk monitoring fees may vary per high risk product and bank program.  Specific programs include Kratom, Seed, and higher potency Delta 8 or minor cannabinoid products.  Please contact us at 206-339-3556 for current information. You may also email newaccounts@evergreenpaymentsnorthwest.com

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