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Evergreen Payments Northwest for WIX


Apply Now to Create a New Account 


Thank you for your interest in Evergreen Payments Northwest Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Solutions!

We support businesses with accepting credit card payments for Hemp, CBD, Delta8 and other Federally Legal Cannabinoids, as well as merchants selling Seeds, Kratom, Paraphernalia, Cannabis Related Products or Services, Nutraceuticals, Adult, and other high risk products or services.  Now including support for sales of Amanita Muscaria.


Merchant Account Pricing* (V/MC/AMEX/Discover)

  •  3.95%   Discount Rate 

  • $0.30c  Per Transaction  

  • $35.00  Monthly Service

​*some high risk categories and bank programs may include additional risk and compliance fees monthly

Payment Gateway Pricing 

  • $20.00 Monthly Payment Gateway

  • $5.00   Monthly Fraud Prevention

  • $0.15 Per Gateway Transaction 

3-5 Day Approval!


Easy Integration!


Once approved we will provide you with the API Key needed to "Connect Account" in your WIX dashboard.

Please complete the form below to request direct agent contact with an immediate email that includes standard pricing, application and website requirements, and the link to our online application.

Create Merchant Account For Wix - Evergreen Payments Northwest
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